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Corporate Citizenship

POSCO Maharashtra CSR Philosophy



Corporate Citizenship:
Building a Better Future Together


CSR Mission
and Goals

misson Mission
  • To actively contribute to Social and Economic Development of Local communities where we operate in
goal Goal
  • Maintain Cooperative Relationship with local community & help them for Development
  • To provide Basic Necessity for the Needy
  • Practice POSCO’s Charter of Corporate Citizenship

CSR Focus Area

Considering our geographical location(rural area), demography(poverty, illiterate) and long-term CSR impact
we primarily focus on the following Areas.

Focus AreaFocus Area Background Rationale Long term Activities *FY2022-23 Activities
  • Many schools damaged due to Cyclone in Jun‘20
  • Access Quality Education, Skill Enhancement & Training
  • Nearby 19 schools repair and renovation
  • Sisterhood Relationship program (Talent Donation)
  • Four schools Repairing & Renovation
  • Donation of School Equipment & supplies
  • Sisterhood Relationship program
  • Residential school Equipment Provision (120 Bunkbeds, 2 Washing+Dryer machines)
  • Sapling Distribution
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Ecological Balance, Natural Resource Conservation
  • Climate Change
  • Natural Environmental Beautification
  • Tree planting & Tree watering
  • Installing Solar Panels in public offices
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Tree Planting & Tree Watering
  • Fruit tree Planting nearby schools
  • Cleaning of nearby Public place (Raigarh Fort, Tamhini Ghat Rd.)
  • No sufficient medical care due to Remoteness
  • Lack of Health Awareness
  • To prompt Wellbeing & improve Quality of living
  • To provide affordable solutions in healthcare through Enlightenment
  • Medical Checkup for villagers
  • Blood Donation camp
  • Health Awareness Program
  • Eye Health Check-up & Operation of Cataract Surgery for senior villagers
  • Blood Donation camp
  • Health Awareness Program
  • Provide Basic Necessity like water, food & shelter
  • Creating Sustainable Livelihood by addressing issues like Poverty, Hunger & Malnutrition
  • Water provision (Tanker)
  • Supporting Maitrakul Childcare center
  • Disaster Management program
  • Public place Renovation(Children’s Park & Counseling Centre)
* FY2022-23 Activities were approved by the Board of Directors

CSR Focus Area

Aligned with UN SDGs

(United Nations Sustainable Development Goals)

POSCO Maharashtra implements CSR activities aligned with 11 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

11 Sustainable Development Goals
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  • CSR activities_02
  • CSR activities_03
  • CSR activities_04
  • CSR activities_05
  • CSR activities_06